हुर्रा (Hurrah)
आनुवंशिक श्रोतको प्रकार वैज्ञानिक नाम पाईने स्थान पाईने जिल्लाहरु संख्यात्मक अवस्था अध्ययनको अवस्था
रैथाने सुंगुर Sus domesticus घट्दो संख्या Phenotypic, DNA, Chromosomal
असल गुणहरु:

तराईको लागि उपयुक्त, कठिन परिस्थितिमा पनि रहन सक्ने, बलियो शरीर भएको, वरिपरी खुला छोडी पालन गर्न उपयुक्त

Positive Attributes:

Suitable for Terai, strong body, hardy, suitable for backyard rearing.

Physical Characteristics:
  • Its body color is completely grayish black or rust brown with rough skin.
  • Small and erect ears .
  • Straight snout .
  • Hair is straight .
  • Straight brown bristles in neck and back.
  • Its barrel is dropping type .
  • Long and strong legs .
  •  Straight and long tail .
  • Female has 8 to 12 teats.
  • The average adult weight is 45 kg ranging from 40 to 55 kg .
  • The top length (from head point to the base of tail) is 79 cm and heart girth is 88 cm .
  • They are semi-wild and are active in nature.
Morphological Measurement:

The average body length, height at withers, height at hipbone and heart girth of this breed is 79.5±1.75 cm, 61.1±1.2 cm, 62.1±1.07 cm and 87.7±2.18cm respectively. The average adult weight of this pig is 45 (40-55) kg.

Production Performance:

1. Growth Performance

Hurrah produces the first progeny at an age of 14 months with an average birth weight of 0.8±1.2 kg. They attain about 41.6± 0.09 kg body weight at one year of age. The Hurrah pigs are the largest sized pigs amongst the indigenous breeds.

2. Reproductive Production Performance 

Age at first service, age at first farrowing and farrowing interval of Hurrah pig were recorded to be 10.8±0.99, 14.0±0.96 and 5.57±0.57 months, respectively. The average litter size at birth of this breed is 7.04±1.26 . 

हुर्राको फोटोहरू

फोटो फोटो लिने व्यक्तिको नाम फोटो लिएको स्थान फोटो लिएको मिति
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